War Memorial

This is an on-line memorial and has been completely rebuilt. It commemorates the men from Peterborough, England, who died in both world wars. I am always looking to include more photographs of men on these pages so if you have any please email me here and I will add them to the site. Please also let me know if you spot any mistakes or omissions.

Below is a brief description of some of the page subjects which can be found on this site.

World War I: This is the Peterborough War Memorial, First World War Roll of Honour. From here you can access Army, Airforce and Navy casualties. You will also find a link to a page on which is recorded a number of letters received by the families of some of the casualties describing the circumstances of their deaths. There is also a section listing the men from Peterborough who fought, and in some cases died, in 1914.

World War II: This is the Peterborough War Memorial, Second World War Roll of Honour. From here you can access Army, Airforce, Navy and civilian casualties.

Eye War Memorial: Eye was a small village situated just outside Peterborough during the First World War. However, over the years Peterborough has grown and stretched out towards Eye, enveloping it and making it part of the city. For this reason I thought it only right to add it to the Peterborough War Memorial.

Updated April 2020

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